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   Promenade "Viale delle Terme"

Promenade "Viale delle Terme" is located in the heart of Abano Terme. This city is famous for its large number of SPAs and particular importance to ecology. That is why over the entire length of the walk, you can see a large number of trees, shrubs and colorful flowers. In addition, as befits every walkway, there are many cafes, restaurants and bars, clothes and cosmetics shops. In the evening stroll there are hundreds of colored lights, creating a romantic atmosphere.

This walk is considered the Central Way of Abano Terme. During a walk along the street you can see a variety of historic buildings, which are located adjacent to the modern buildings and offices, showrooms and shops. Here you can buy beautiful souvenirs for home, and a lot of other things. The most important feature of the walk is that it surrounded by green bushes, trees and flower beds. All this things creates freshness even during the hot days. If you come and relax with your partner, then you'll definitely need to take a romantic stroll in the evening. The fantastic lighting from the plurality of lights, reflections on buildings and trees, makes this walk incredibly romantic!

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