How does it work?

“Rent with Driver” professionals in Italy are ready to help you reach the hotel, visit fairs, factories, businesses, shops and make your trip definitely more comfortable. We help you arrange car rentals with drivers, who will show you the cities of your interest and solve the problems that might arise in a foreign country.

We work exclusively with RWDs with licenses, professional drivers and taxi drivers.

Our drivers speak different languages, their professional skills are confirmed by certificates issued by different Italian organizations, and customer reviews.
In our database there are more than 1,000 professional drivers, so it is very easy to find the RWD required by city, region or airport.
We know very well the capabilities of our RWDs and their linguistic skills; this allows you to choose the price and quality for the most optimal service.

How to book a rental car with a driver?

Based on our knowledge and experience, in consultation with detailed profiles of the RWDs, it is very easy to choose the right professional quickly and easily.

Select a favorite RWD or leave a general query.

On the site you can read a detailed profile of the RWD and mark the ones that are suitable for you. On the page of the application, you must try to describe in as much detail as possible: your trip, the city, dates or the calendar, so that we can select with the utmost efficiency and convenience the RWD.

Immediately you will have the answers of the RWD, their offers and prices.

Select the most suitable RWD for your needs and confirm the agreements.

Once you choose the RWD, you will get all the full details of his contact.

Once you’ve contacted the RWD you have chosen and taken agreements, you will have just to confirm the order on the special page. This gives the assurance that the RWD will work with you on the dates indicated and will not receive other orders.

Have a good trip!

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