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   Our portal publishes your interesting articles.

Are you fascinated by Italy as we are?
You have an interesting article about the historical and artistic attractions of Italy?
Want to put  this article on the Internet?
In this case, you can use our portal TransferIta.com!

If you write interesting articles for the visitors of portal TransferIta.com, you can send them to the administration through the special form and your material will be free published. We are looking forward to establishing this mutually beneficial cooperation, both with licensed guides who are ready to talk about their city, both by tourists who love Italy.

Terms and conditions for the publication of articles:

1. Articles submitted for publication on the portal TransferIta.com should respect the low of copyright and the subject of our portal. Articles must describe the places and the history of Italy. You can submit articles in Russian, Italian and English.

2. Portal TransferIta.com look for unpublished material on the Internet, as well as exclusive items. The administration can not guarantee the publication of your articles previously published on other websites. In this case, the publication will depend by other factors. Send us the original material and we guarantee you their publication!

3. Promotional materials are issued for a fee. Items must have the information value for visitors of the portal TransferIta.com (authenticity, novelty, curiosity, practical advice, new research). If the material does not meet the conditions, it will be published for a fee.

4. The authors of the materials retain all right of copyright. In the event of objections from the copyright holders, the administration of TransferIta.com is ready immediately to remove the material from the portal.

5. The text must not exceed four pages.

6. All fields of the form for publication of the material must be filled out.

7. If you propose the texts of other authors, it is obligatory to draw up a list of the used sources, indicating the links of internet resources.

8. Those articles the administration of the TransferIta.com accepted within fourteen days

9. The administration of portal TransferIta.com reserves the right to make small changes in content without spoiling the integrity of the text and the ideas expressed.

10. The publication of your articles on TransferIta.com portal does not provide any kind of payment.

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