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On the portal TransferIta.com you can publish, totally free, the information regarding your hotel or any other touristic property.

On the portal TransferIta.com there are two ways to publish the information: free and paid. On the our portal you can place ads not only hotels, but also the other touristic property: motels, apartments, Bed&Breakfasts, tourist villages, nursing homes, guest houses, hostels and campsites.

Sending the information about your hotel on the portal TransferIta.com you can have the advertising totally free, that will bring you new potential customers.

There are two main methods to attract tourists in the hotel:

1. The continuous collaboration with the global systems of booking (like Booking.com)

2. Take the bookings directly through the hotel's web site.
Each of these two methods has its "pros" and "cons".
When the booking arrives from the reservation systems, the hotel to pay about 15%.

Receive orders directly from tourists is possible only in the case when the hotel advertises alone.

For this reason it was created our portal TransferIta.com!
The presence in internet the website of the hotel does not guarantee that tourists can find it and book directly.

We have developed 3 options of collaboration for the hotels.

1. The free publication of the information:
- The minimum amount of information about the hotel.
- 5 images.
- Booking form.
Visitors, who book through our website, receive your contact in our mail response. But in this letter the administration of the portal will advise them to consider the tenders of those hotels that work with us to payment.

2. The publication of “Gold”- 200 euro for year.
For the hotel that has chosen this option, the portal TransferIta.com offers the following conditions:
- The complete and detailed description of the services provided by your hotel.
- Phone number, website, address and booking form is connected to your corporate e-mail.
- Description of your hotel in three languages Russian, Italian, English.
- Detailed description of the rooms in the three languages, with price list.
- Up to 50 images in the gallery on our portal.
- Up to 30 types of rooms.
- High level of positioning on the research engines.
- First places in the catalogue of the hotel.

3. The publication VIP– 2.000 euro (the offer is limited, only 4 hotels for each city)
- Guaranteed place among the first four hotels in the list of your city, regardless of the category of your tourist structure.
- The list of services provided from your hotel with detailed description.
- The unlimited platform for the photos of your tourist structure.
- Direct telephone and internet contacts, addresses and booking form linked to your corporate e-mail.
- Description of your property in three languages Russian, Italian, English.
- Detailed description of the rooms in the three languages, with price list.
- Unlimited number of images of the hotel in the gallery on our portal.
- Your personal technician manager who responds immediately on your requests to update the information on our website.
- Banner advertising on all pages of your city.

*** ATTENTION! The prices indicated are valid until 31 December 2017.