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Portal TransferIta.com is positioned as a great internet resource dedicated to the transfer and the tourism in Italy.Portal TransferIta.com it was created for generate traffic of potential customers for the companies RWD (rental with driver) engaged in tourist transport in all the regions of Italy.

Conditions of registration on the portal TransferIta.com.

On our portal is possible the registration FREE for any of the driver or the company that provides the service of transfer in Italy. We distribute orders received on our portal “on the basis of race” among the drivers registered in our database. The portal presents to the customer RWD who have responded to the request, the customer makes the final choice after that we give him your detail contact. After the completion of the booking, the driver agrees to pay on our bank account the amount equal to 10% of the order value.

How to get more bookings from the portal TransferIta.com?

Portal TransferIta.com has developed several options, which give advantages compared to other participants.

Option №1
- The portal publishes the page to the driver, with the indication of all its contact data, photos, and detailed description of the services in three languages (Russian, English, Italian).
- Your business RWD gains an advantage in the “race” in the distribution of the orders come from us.
- Your potential customers know Your company directly, bypassing our system of distribution of orders. In this case, Your company does not pay commissions to the portal TransferIta.com.

Option №2
- Ad Banner on all pages of the cities in which your company NCC work.
- Customers, who examine the page of the city, which want to visit, immediately see the offerings of your company.
- Your business gains an advantage in the “race” in the distribution of the orders received by us.